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Can Europe as a Cultural Project help to Overcome the Crisis of the European Union? The Role of Foundations
In his speech to the Annual General Assembly of the European Foundation Centre (2005), Gottfried Wagner makes several recommendations for foundations and the … Publication | 01 oct 2007
Cooperazione culturale in un Europa in transizione
Drawing in part on research the author conducted for an Interarts and EFAH project, the article indicates how factors such as political developments, EU … Publication | 01 oct 2007
Every Step has an Echo (Jumping to Conclusions)
This report identifies exemplary case studies of collaborative cultural projects between West and South East European artists. These cases were generated on … Publication | 01 oct 2007
Funding Opportunities for International Cultural Cooperation in and with South East Europe
The survey explores the availability of supranational and national public and private funding for the development and execution of cultural cooperation … Publication | 03 oct 2007
Report on the State of Cultural Co-operation in Europe
This contribution to the EFAH - Interarts Study on Cultural Cooperation in Europe, presents the main challenges and trends facing cultural cooperation in the … Publication | 03 oct 2007
How to Turn Lurkers into Posters?
Building an online community can be quite a challenge - especially in those early days when you're just getting off the ground. All the cool software and … Publication | 04 feb 2008
Keep Your Forums Friendly
Forum-based communities are a great way of helping your site grow in popularity. But if your forums become riddled with junk posts, advertisements and general … Publication | 04 feb 2008
Social software building blocks
"There are lots of definitions of social software out there, ranging from the clinical ('software that enables people to connect through … Publication | 04 feb 2008
Capitalising Culture: Liverpool 2008
This article analyses the political, economic and social contexts of Liverpool's successful bid to become European Capital of Culture, 2008. Publication | 13 oct 2008
Capitalising on Culture: An Evaluation of Culture-Led Urban Regeneration Policy
This paper gives a brief synopsis of culture-led regeneration models, addressing the validity of arguments for a "culture-led urban regeneration … Publication | 13 oct 2008