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Designing the Future Programme of Cultural Co-operation for the European Union after 2006
The European Commission consultation was launched in 2003 with the goal of helping to improve the Union's support mechanisms for cultural cooperation with … Publication | 27 sep 2006
European Funding of Culture - Promoting Common Culture or Regional Growth?
The article published in Cultural Trends, Issue No. 36, examines the record of EU support for culture, pointing to the dichotomy between Structural Funds and … Publication | 02 oct 2006
International Networks and Arts Policy Research
The article published in the International Journal of Cultural Policy, Vol 11, No.2, focuses mainly on the recently developed and fast growing IFACCA network … Publication | 02 oct 2006
Atajos y cañadas: La cultura española en la cooperación cultural europea in Karis, Issue 2
The article provides a historical background to cultural cooperation with Europe in contemporary Spain from a rather critical perspective. A number of factors, … Publication | 09 oct 2006
Mapping Cultural Cooperation in SE Europe: The Internationalization of Cultural Policies
The study analyses, from a broad perspective, the logic of cultural cooperation in South Eastern Europe from 1989 to 2003. The complexity of the situation in … Publication | 09 oct 2006
Le Pluralisme Culturel: Une Réponse aux Impasses Économiques de «l´Exception» et de la «Diversité Culturelle»
Farchy argues that the market is a threat to cultural diversity and that the policy responses introduced by governments, such as the “ exception … Publication | 17 nov 2006
Istanbul and Cultural Management (2000)
A cultural management paper which reflects on the overall cultural situation in Istanbul and recommends certain strategic decisions to improve cultural policy … Publication | 25 nov 2006
How to Talk about the Cultural Sector in Turkey?, by Deniz Ünsal
This article discusses the cultural sector in Turkey from the viewpoint that culture in any context is hybrid, permeable and rich in character. It questions … Publication | 25 jul 2007
Cultural Policies and Cultural Industries in the Countries in Transition, in: Convergence, Creative Industries and Civil Society: The New Cultural Policy, Special Issue.
The article discusses experiences of several European post-socialist countries in restructuring the cultural field in their country as well as to reformulate … Publication | 11 sep 2007
The “Creative Sector" - An Engine for Diversity, Growth and Jobs in Europe
The paper asks how the arts, culture and media industries could contribute to the general goal of “growth and employment" presented in the renewed EU … Publication | 28 sep 2007