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A Survey of Wealth and Philanthropy
An analysis of trends in philanthropy as well as the role, profile and intentions of the main players internationally. A downloadable pdf document looks … Publication | 08 jun 2006
Efectes de l'ampliació de la Unió Europea sobre Catalunya: les polítiques culturals
The article was part of an ex ante assessment of the potential impact of the enlargement of the EU (from EU-15 to EU-27) in Catalonia, which comprised analysis … Publication | 08 sep 2006
Stratégia és kultúra. Kultúra és nemzetközi szervezetek
Over the past several hundred years, a significant amount of the cultural contacts established between countries were organised on a "multilateral" … Publication | 11 sep 2006
Transnational Cultural Co-operation in the Accession Countries
The purpose of this study was to describe and analyse current government cultural cooperation policies and trends in the 13 accession countries to the European … Publication | 11 sep 2006
Baltijos Saliu bendradarbiavimo strategijos, tinklai ir ekonomika. In.: Dailé, 2003/2
This article discusses cooperation between the Baltic Sea countries, their art institutions and exhibition curators. Today, the links between them are based on … Publication | 12 sep 2006
Gli scambi culturali franco-italiani
Against the background of a strong tradition of cultural exchanges between France and Italy, the author tries to quantify the results of such practices in … Publication | 12 sep 2006
Ein Kulturinstitut für Europa. Untersuchungen zur Institutionalisierung kultureller Zusammenarbeit
How can Europe better coordinate its foreign cultural policy? This is one of the main questions addressed in this article. The author argues that while … Publication | 21 sep 2006
Third Sector Actors Monitoring Cultural Co-operation and Cultural Policy Development in Europe
This ERICarts briefing note presents and discusses examples of third sector actors monitoring cultural co-operation and cultural policy developments in Europe. … Publication | 27 sep 2006
Designing the Future Programme of Cultural Co-operation for the European Union after 2006
The European Commission consultation was launched in 2003 with the goal of helping to improve the Union's support mechanisms for cultural cooperation with … Publication | 27 sep 2006