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Artists Residency

Sites of Imagination
An international multidisciplinary art project focused on the interrelationship between …
Project | 12 feb 2010
European Media Artists in Residence Exchange (EMARE)
It provides residencies in England, Germany, Bulgaria and the Netherlands for European …
Project | 13 feb 2010
La MaMa International Symposium and Retreat
11th Annual La MaMa International Symposium for Directors to be held July 17 – August 7, …
Project | 24 mar 2010
C.O.A.L. - from Carboniferous to Open-eyed Artists on Landscapes
This project works on the changing mining landscape and the heritage interest of this …
Project | 16 apr 2010
Jardin d’Europe
This project is dedicated to the establishment of a sustainable European infrastructure …
Project | 29 apr 2010
The Promised City
A project about the promise for happiness in the cities of Warsaw, Berlin and Mumbai.
Project | 13 may 2010
Creating Spaces – Art Bridge between the EU and China
A project based on a series of artist exchanges between the city of Beijing and the …
Project | 27 may 2010
Nomadic Village 2009
An artist residence with a festival character, the participants brought their own homes, …
Project | 01 jul 2010
The Art of Urban Intervention
A project dealing with the possibilities of art in public space related to the …
Project | 09 sep 2010
LES NOUBAS D'ICI Sept-Dec 2010 Paris La Bellevilloise popular - community-based - multicultural
Les Noubas d’Ici are popular parties, wich take place once a month, on a Saturday night, …
Project | 15 sep 2010