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Can Europe as a Cultural Project help to Overcome the Crisis of the European Union? The Role of Foundations
In his speech to the Annual General Assembly of the European Foundation Centre (2005), Gottfried Wagner makes several recommendations for foundations and the … Publication | 01 oct 2007
Cultural Touring and Co-operation
Ongoing EU funded programme designed to develop working relationships between cultural practitioners in Ireland and Wales and to raise the profile of the arts … Publication | 01 oct 2007
Europäische kulturelle Netzwerke und Networking in Mittel- und Osteuropa
Based on both quantitative and qualitative methods, the research focuses on two aspects: analysing the participation of Central and Eastern European countries … Publication | 01 oct 2007
Report on the State of Cultural Co-operation in Europe
This contribution to the EFAH - Interarts Study on Cultural Cooperation in Europe, presents the main challenges and trends facing cultural cooperation in the … Publication | 03 oct 2007
Isabelle Metrope
Project Assistant of the ExTra! Exchange Traditions Project ( at the European Music Council. Person Profile | 05 nov 2007
margalida castells
Culture and Heritage
Person Profile | 12 dec 2007
Réalisation d'une étude relative à l’inventaire des meilleures pratiques liant la culture et l’éducation dans les Etats membres, les pays candidats et les pays EEE
A study which gives an overall picture of national and European actions that link formal, non-formal and informal education, vocational training and young … Publication | 21 dec 2007