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Narodowe Centrum Kultury
A Polish centre which initiates and coordinates strategic programmes for culture, promotes culture as an important factor of social and economic development … Organisation | 08 feb 2007
ely farkas
I am an Asian female, in my 30s, trying to integrate myself in the cultured city of …
Person Profile | 16 mar 2007
Сдружение Европейски пространства 21
A non-governmental organisation of media professionals and people interested in culture …
Organisation | 03 may 2007
Фамилия НПО в областта на изкуствата и културата
Informal forum of Bulgarian art and cultural organisations, carrying out awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns. Its main goal is to promote the role of … Organisation | 03 may 2007
Asli Deniz Helvacioglu
Aslı Deniz Helvacıoğlu stands as one of the prominent artists in Turkey, with an …
Person Profile | 05 jun 2007
Reykjavik International Film Festival
A young and exciting festival for audiences who want to be ahead of the crowd. The Nordic Talent Campus is a workshop where young filmmakers can establish … Organisation | 11 jul 2007
Listasafnið á Akureyri
With a dual mission of promoting art and visual culture for the local community, as well as within the wider global context, the museum presents innovative … Organisation | 11 jul 2007
Reykjavíkur Akademían
A non-profit, interdisciplinary research institute that receives government support as an innovation centre in humanities and social sciences. Established in … Organisation | 11 jul 2007