Reykjavíkur Akademían
A non-profit, interdisciplinary research institute that receives government support as an innovation centre in humanities and social sciences. Established in … Organisation | 11 jul 2007
Internasjonalt Kultursenter og Museum
A multicultural centre in Oslo that promotes respect and understanding for cultural diversity. Collects, documents and communicates knowledge focusing on … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet, Oslo, Norge
A museum that regards children’s art as a living part of folk art and also as an important element in our national and universal culture. In the museum, the … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Office for Contemporary Art - Norway
A private foundation that aims to develop collaborations in contemporary art between Norway and the international art scene. Founded by the Norwegian Ministry … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
300m3 Art Space
A non-profit, artist-run gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden, which represents and promotes national and international artists who work in various art forms, … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Riksutställningar - Swedish Travelling Exhibitions
Tours exhibitions in Sweden and abroad in cooperation with local, regional and national organisations, including libraries, museums, galleries, schools and … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
A spacious venue situated in Alby, a multicultural suburban area on the outskirts of Stockholm. A platform for dreams and ideas in art, dance, film, radio, … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium Odin Teatret
A base for performances, research, educational activity, intercultural and interdisciplinary networking, as well as a meeting point for actors and artists from … Organisation | 16 jul 2007
A Copenhagen-based multicultural film festival that tries to give a balanced picture of diversity issues in society. The aim is to make debates about … Organisation | 16 jul 2007