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The Economy of Culture in Europe
First European-level study on this subject, carried out on behalf of the European Commission. Outlines the direct and indirect contribution of cultural and … Publication | 05 dec 2006
A professional union of European piano producers that safeguards member interests and raises craft standards and education within Europe. Members receive the … Organisation | 19 apr 2007
Фондация Култ.бг
An independent cultural organisation, working in three main fields: research, advocacy and support. It carries out an ongoing mapping of the Bulgarian cultural … Organisation | 03 may 2007
Société de développement des enterprises culturelles
SODEC is a government supported agency focused on practical assistance for creative enterprises looking beyond Quebec. It is a useful and informative site of … Organisation | 21 may 2007
Asli Deniz Helvacioglu
Aslı Deniz Helvacıoğlu stands as one of the prominent artists in Turkey, with an …
Person Profile | 05 jun 2007
International Flows of Selected Cultural Goods and Services 1994 - 2003
Statistical information and analysis on cross-border trade in selected cultural goods and services across the world. The report provides statistics and … Publication | 06 jun 2007