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Cultuur over grenzen : NL en NRW conferentieverslag november 1999
This report is a combination of presentations made during the conference as well as research undertaken by the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft and the … Publication | 02 oct 2006
Tax and Social Security - a Basic Guide for Artists and Cultural Operators in Europe
This basic guide has been prepared to help artists and arts professionals better understand the main issues that affect how and what they are paid when they … Publication | 02 oct 2006
Report on the Barents Cultural Co-operation
This report examines the results of cultural cooperation among the 4 countries and 11 regions making up the Barent Sea region since the early 90s. It shows how … Publication | 02 oct 2006
International Co-production & Touring
This study presents different models, forms and information on co-production and touring in the performing arts. Comments and interviews with producers add … Publication | 09 oct 2006
The Economy of Culture in Europe
First European-level study on this subject, carried out on behalf of the European Commission. Outlines the direct and indirect contribution of cultural and … Publication | 05 dec 2006