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Higher Education and the Creative Industry Sector of the Northwest
The article focuses on the importance of recognising and including higher education in any strategy aimed at developing the creative industries. It concludes … Publication | 23 may 2006
Creativiteit in kaart gebracht creatieve bedrijvigheid in Nederland
This Conference Report presents definitions and key data on the national and regional development of the creative industries in the Netherlands. Information on … Publication | 24 may 2006
Aperçu statistique des industries culturelles
This report presents a framework for collecting statistics on the cutural industries in France. Using a more restricted definition of the "cultural … Publication | 23 aug 2006
The International Creative Sector: Its Dimensions, Dynamics and Audience Development
The report includes information on: (1) definitions used to describe the creative sector/cultural industries and their consideration in economic development; … Publication | 23 aug 2006
Bureau of European Design Associations
BEDA liaises between professional design organisations and networks in Europe and also acts as a channel of communication between European design associations … Organisation | 31 aug 2006
On the Road… the Start-up Guide to Touring the Arts in Europe
This guide is aimed at UK artists wanting to tour in Europe. The case studies, detailed profiles from over 30 countries and a series of articles on funding, … Publication | 08 sep 2006
Contribution à la Convention européenne: "La place de la culture dans le futur traité"
Contribution of Pascale Andréani to the Secretary General of the European Constitution arguing for culture and cultural cooperation to be at the heart of the … Publication | 08 sep 2006
Bigger… Better… Beautiful? Final Report of the Conference on the Impact of EU Enlargement on Cultural Opportunities Across Europe
This report from the "Big, Better, Beautiful" Conference contains presentations which further develop the links between the theoretical and practical … Publication | 09 sep 2006
Stratégia és kultúra. Kultúra és nemzetközi szervezetek
Over the past several hundred years, a significant amount of the cultural contacts established between countries were organised on a "multilateral" … Publication | 11 sep 2006