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Katuaq Cultural Centre
Situated in Nuuk, Greenland, this is a young cultural centre in a young nation. It plays an important role in supporting performing and creative arts. Working … Organisation | 21 aug 2007
An artist-run initiative founded in 2000 as a voluntary community that also organises artist in residence programmes. Questions the role of contemporary art by … Organisation | 21 aug 2007
Taiteilijayhdistys Muu
An artist-run, interdisciplinary artists' association that represents and promotes new and experimental forms of art. Its aim is to develop the collaboration … Organisation | 21 aug 2007
Korjaamo Culture Factory
A Helsinki-based urban space where creators of urban art and culture mix and mingle with the viewing public. It is a powerhouse of ideas with both a local and … Organisation | 21 aug 2007
International Festivals and Events Association Europe
An association which brings together those active in the cultural festival and event sector in order to share ideas and best practice. It facilitates … Organisation | 29 aug 2007
add. business chance on art
Act as an interface to facilitate collaboration between artists and cultural institutions on the one hand, and powerful companies from the business community … Organisation | 17 oct 2007
Isabelle Metrope
Project Assistant of the ExTra! Exchange Traditions Project ( at the European Music Council. Person Profile | 05 nov 2007
Tanssin Tiedotuskeskus
Produces and provides information on dance in Finland and promotes international activities in the field. Through its various activities, it seeks to support … Organisation | 21 nov 2007