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Société de développement des enterprises culturelles
SODEC is a government supported agency focused on practical assistance for creative enterprises looking beyond Quebec. It is a useful and informative site of … Organisation | 21 may 2007
Tinna Gudmunds
Hello everybody I´m Tinna, an almost 30 year old Icelander.I´m currently finishing a masters degree in educational- and cultural management. Person Profile | 02 jun 2007
Asli Deniz Helvacioglu
Aslı Deniz Helvacıoğlu stands as one of the prominent artists in Turkey, with an …
Person Profile | 05 jun 2007
Fundación Autor
A foundation which assists authors through education and training as well as other …
Organisation | 04 jul 2007
Århus Festuge
One of the biggest arts and cultural festivals in Northern Europe, it represents a platform for all possible art forms and includes around 600 different … Organisation | 10 jul 2007
Reykjavik International Film Festival
A young and exciting festival for audiences who want to be ahead of the crowd. The Nordic Talent Campus is a workshop where young filmmakers can establish … Organisation | 11 jul 2007
Unge Kunstneres Samfund
Established in 1921 with the aim of securing the rights of young artists, both artistically and socially. Produces and presents exhibitions and larger shows of … Organisation | 12 jul 2007