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Drömmarnas Hus
An independent organisation that works with culture as a platform for social change, with the main focus on children and young people. Collaborates with many … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Xenter Botkyrka
A meeting place for culture, education and enterprise with a focus on media, graphic arts and computer games. Runs vocational education programmes and shares … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Galleria Huuto
An independent artist collective located in Helsinki, providing a forum for new and experimental art. Organises performances, multi-disciplinary and cross-over … Organisation | 16 jul 2007
A multicultural art association that works towards a culturally rich, dynamic and open-minded Finland. Kassandra produces and arranges art programmes and … Organisation | 16 jul 2007
Kehitysyhteistyön palvelukeskus
A politically and ideologically independent organisation that function as a service base for Finnish NGOs interested in development work and global issues. … Organisation | 16 jul 2007
Tampereen Teatterikesän
The oldest and the largest professional theatre festival in the Nordic countries, established in 1968. It introduces distinguished international and Finnish … Organisation | 16 jul 2007
A multidisciplinary, independent culture centre that occupies the premises of a former industrial building in Helsinki. Provides permanent and short-term … Organisation | 16 jul 2007
Suomen elokuvasäätiö
Supports and develops Finnish film production, distribution and exhibition. An independent foundation, supervised by the Department for Cultural Policy in … Organisation | 16 jul 2007