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The Art Fund
An independent grant-giving organisation that supports museums and galleries in the UK. It also seeks to support a sustained funding policy for museums and is … Organisation | 11 jul 2007
KÍM Kynningarmiðstöð íslenskrar myndlistar
A platform for Icelandic visual art activities, founded in 2005. Promotes Icelandic art by connecting the local visual arts community with international art … Organisation | 11 jul 2007
Produksjonsnettverk for elektronisk kuns
A network that provides appropriate production conditions for artists working with electronic art and unstable media. Works with intercultural dialogue, … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Office for Contemporary Art - Norway
A private foundation that aims to develop collaborations in contemporary art between Norway and the international art scene. Founded by the Norwegian Ministry … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
A platform for international experimental films and video. Provides a venue for emerging and professional artists, as well as offering the possibility of … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Kulturhuset Mazetti
A unique cultural centre located in an old chocolate factory in the centre of Malmö in Sweden. The centre houses both public administrators and cultural … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
A multidisciplinary, non-profit art centre in Gothenburg, with around 100 studios for visual artists, designers, silversmiths, writers, ceramic artists, … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Xenter Botkyrka
A meeting place for culture, education and enterprise with a focus on media, graphic arts and computer games. Runs vocational education programmes and shares … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
A contemporary art centre which enjoys significant autonomy and international visibility, …
Organisation | 13 jul 2007