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Commitment to Europe - Arts & Business
Commitment to Europe - Arts & Business creates a common platform for the two sectors to share relevant experience, and to work together to support culture … Organisation | 28 may 2006
Asociación Española para el Desarrollo del Mecenazgo Empresarial
AEDME operates through communication and debates, providing information and opinion on trends in sponsorship, linked to world-wide networks. Of interest to … Organisation | 28 may 2006
Charities Aid Foundation
Operating since 1924, CAF is a UK-based powerful organisation lobbying for effective charitable giving. It provides services to charities and supporters on an … Organisation | 28 may 2006
European Association for Planned Giving
EAPG brings together NFPs, professional advisers and financial intermediaries with a focus on support and training in planned giving and the legal and tax … Organisation | 28 may 2006
Verband der Fundraising ManagerInnen Austria
Website of the Austrian Fund Raisers Management Association. Operates as an internal association communication tool, but with information openly accessible to … Organisation | 28 may 2006
Tavarystva Bielaruskaj Movy im. Franciška Skaryny
The TBM is a unique body, with active branches in all regional centres, whose main activity is the promotion of the Belarusian language, national culture, … Organisation | 31 may 2006
Creative Artists, Market Developments and State Policies
The background paper for the 2001 Conference "Conditions for Creative Artists in Europe" held under the Swedish EU Presidency in Visby, focuses on … Publication | 31 may 2006
Nobody Promised you a Living - Overview on the Position of the Artists in ECA Member Countries
The national contributions to this overview have been produced by national artists' organisations, representing authors, performers and visual artists. The … Publication | 31 may 2006