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Higher Education and the Creative Industry Sector of the Northwest
The article focuses on the importance of recognising and including higher education in any strategy aimed at developing the creative industries. It concludes … Publication | 23 may 2006
Creativiteit in kaart gebracht creatieve bedrijvigheid in Nederland
This Conference Report presents definitions and key data on the national and regional development of the creative industries in the Netherlands. Information on … Publication | 24 may 2006
Charity Channel
Charity Channel is a massive membership network offering a huge amount of relevant material for charities and regular e-newsletters dedicated to the USA, … Organisation | 27 may 2006
The Taalunie is a governmental consortium of 3 countries: Netherlands, Flanders-Belgium, and Surinam, established to promote Dutch-language education, … Organisation | 27 may 2006
The UK Sponsorship Database
The UK Sponsorship database is an assemblage of information relating to UK funding, but is mostly concerning the public domain, despite its name. Provides … Organisation | 28 may 2006
ADMICAL is a long established 'public association' that advocates best practice in sponsorship and works to improve the climate for both sponsors and the … Organisation | 28 may 2006
Arbeitskreis Kultursponsoring
AKS is rooted in the belief that sponsorship is vital to internal and external communication, and aims to boost creativity and innovation in business through … Organisation | 28 may 2006
Summa Artium
Summa Artium's main objective is to improve the possibility of a substantial increase in private funding for culture in the long term, and to foster greater … Organisation | 28 may 2006
Business2Arts operates a database of sponsorship opportunities for members and offers advice on sponsorship strategies in both directions. It runs the Allianz … Organisation | 28 may 2006
Commitment to Europe - Arts & Business
Commitment to Europe - Arts & Business creates a common platform for the two sectors to share relevant experience, and to work together to support culture … Organisation | 28 may 2006