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Les grands groupes des industries culturelles. Fusions, acquisitions, alliances : les stratégies des années 1980-2000
The authors present determinants of mergers, acquisitions and alliances leading to large, often trans-national conglomerates in the culture and media … Publication | 23 may 2006
From Cultural to Creative Industries: Theory, Industry, and Policy Implications
In his theoretical paper, Cunningham reflects on the nature of the knowledge-based economy and its relation to culture and creativity. He discusses different … Publication | 23 may 2006
Everyone is Creative. Artists as Pioneers of the New Economy?
In her theoretical paper, McRobbie makes critical comments about the UK Creative Industries Mapping Document 2001and similar documents advocating … Publication | 23 may 2006
The Creative Industries Mapping Document 2001
This UK Mapping Document 2001 defines creative industries as 'activities which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talentand which have the … Publication | 23 may 2006
Przemysly kultury: Kostyrko, T. Czerwinski M. (eds.), Kultura polska w dekadzie przemian
This article is the first to analyse developments in the Polish cultural industries after 1989 and covers the following sectors: books and publishing, sound … Publication | 23 may 2006
Europe's Creative Industries
In this opinion paper, the European Economic and Social Committee focuses on specific issues which together are considered to be of particular relevance for … Publication | 23 may 2006
Clubs to Companies. Notes on the Decline of Political Culture in Speeded Up Creative Worlds
This article discusses a recent acceleration in the nature and pace of work and employment in the UK culture industries. Multi-skilling and de-specialisation … Publication | 23 may 2006
Creative Industries and Development
The report addresses different questions including: what are creative industries and why they are expanding?; the characteristics of creative goods and … Publication | 23 may 2006
Creative Industries Economic Estimates - Statistical Bulletin
The bulletin presents the latest statistics on the state of the creative industries in the United Kingdom and reflects on how to provide more timely and … Publication | 23 may 2006
Higher Education and the Creative Industry Sector of the Northwest
The article focuses on the importance of recognising and including higher education in any strategy aimed at developing the creative industries. It concludes … Publication | 23 may 2006