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The Irish Rover: Looking for Mars Off the Northern Coast of Ireland

Author: Gunilla Redelius - Date: 20 oct 2010, 12:02

The project focuses on and takes its inspiration from the legendary voyage of ‘The Irish Rover’ and the current work being carried out by NASA (the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) on Mars. The idea is to develop a scientific expedition along the Fanad/Swilly peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland, that will mirror the work currently being undertaken on Mars.

In combining planetary storylines, the organisers hope to draw a reverse timeline from Earth to Mars and question whether the Earth could end up with a Martian like climate in the future. In examining these seemingly opposite planetary climates, they hope to understand the effects of climate change on Donegal.

The US-based League of Imaginary Scientists is a group of artists and scientists who engineer hybrid art works in the cross-section of their worlds, in collaboration with local communities. The League’s previous history aboard boats, barges and ferries prepares them for their Irish expedition. This includes works with the NY water taxi and a League residency on the Waterpod (a floating sustainable habitat).


Type of project:
Cultural Production , multidisciplinary

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