(Oct 2009 - Nov 2009)

Author: Gunilla Redelius - Date: 12 nov 2010, 10:59
Image Platform
Image Platform

C Words: carbon, climate, capital, culture, was a two-month investigation into carbon, climate, capital and culture proposed by the British artist-activist group Platform and their collaborators.

Based on Platform’s 25 years of research, art and action for social and ecological justice, “C Words” cross-examined the present and looked to the next two decades. How did we get here? Where are we going? Who’s deciding? Who’s made invisible? Whose future matters? Platform members were in residence at the Arnolfini in Bristol, UK throughout the project, which included more than 25 events, installations, performances, actions, walks, courses, discussions and skills-sharing events. There is also a blog for the project.


United Kingdom
Type of project:
Artists Residency

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