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Author: Gunilla Redelius - Date: 16 nov 2010, 11:18
"Warming Skies Over the Bayous" Aviva Rahmani 2008 from the Gulf to Gulf series
"Warming Skies Over the Bayous" Aviva Rahmani 2008 from the Gulf to Gulf series

A recipient of the Arts and Healing Network 2009 award in the US, Aviva Rahmani has more than 40 years experience working with many different kinds of scientists. Her speciality is interpretive environmental science. As a fine artist, she is known for her installation and environmental remediation earthworks. Known internationally for her environmental art activism, her works based on environmental mapping have resulted in the restoration of a dump site to a flourishing wetland system (Ghost Nets). She has also helped catalyse $500,000 from the US Department of Agriculture to restore 26 acres of critical wetlands habitat (Blue Rocks).

Her new work, “Gulf to Gulf (2009–present)”, is sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts. The project compares the impact of global warming from the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Maine, focusing on New Orleans, contextualised by gulf regions globally. Her primary research collaborator is Dr. Jim White, director of the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research in Boulder, Colorado.


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