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OPAL - international theatre direction course

Liza Rich | 13 Jun 2009, 17:19

Ostrenko Performing Arts Lab (OPAL)

international practical theatre direction course
under the direction of Sergei Ostrenko

Leitring bei Leibnitz

The working language is English.

OPAL is the practical theatre direction course with further direction practice opportunity on professional stage - the production of the performance at the repertory theatre with professional actors. The course is designed for advanced candidates with professional stage experience - performing arts practitioners from various genres, techniques and styles. Participants will be able to learn the key principles of mounting the performance, acquire reliable director’s toolkit for creating contemporary professional productions, improve skills and gain confidence in the director’s role. The course will be also useful to playwrights, directors of video, film and animation, dancers, choreographers and actors interested to gain deeper understanding of the stage direction category.


Photo Gallery of the past events:



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