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How to Participate in the Community Group: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I participate in the discussions?

To read the discussions as part of this Forum you do not need to log in. To participate in the discussions, you need to log in and be a member of this group.

There are two options to participate in the discussions:

- To answer to an existing discussion thread: click on the name of the thread, write your comment/opinion/viewpoint and click “add comment” button. Your message will be visible to other members of the group and to the general public

- To start a new discussion topic: click on the “Add a new message” and post a new discussion topic.

2. How can I post an event?

Browse the Events section of the Community group. Click the “add a new message” button and write the title of the event and a short description (adding an image is an optional function).

3. Where can I read all posted events?

Browse the Events section and click “all events” button. Then you can see all events posted in this folder. You can also comment on an event after logging in.

4. How can I add a publication, an organisation or an online resource to the community group collection of resources?

Go to add new content and follow up the instructions on how to upload an item. After clicking “Review” button, in the option “Publish in my group’, you have to choose one of the folders under “Young cultural policy research forum group” (“organisations” , “publications” etc.) and then Submit the item. Your upload will appear directly online.

5. How can I interact with the group members?

- Read personal profiles of group members: Click on the profile and find more who is who.

- Create your own network: To invite a person from the group (or any member of LabforCulture Community) to join your network, or to remove a person, click on the person’s profile and choose the relevant option.

- Send a message to a member of the group (or to any member of LabforCulture Community): find the person’s profile and click “send personal message” button.

6. What else I can do as a member of the Community group?

When you are logged in, the right hand side menu gives you the following options:

- Get news, tailored to your interests by choosing keywords;

- Update/edit your profile;

- Invite other community members to join your network;

- Create blogs;

- Manage your content;

- Receive notification messages.

You could also request another user group and become a moderator.

Please visit also LabforCulture FAQ to learn more on: what is a community group, where to find your uploaded content on the site, how to manage your content, and more.

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