Working Class Neighbourhoods, Creative Neighbourhoods in Europe: 20th Anniversary of the Banlieues d'Europe Network: Lyon, France, 25-28 November, 2010

Lidia Varbanova | 25 Aug 2010, 13:22

For the last 20 years, Banlieues d'Europe has been bringing together committed projects in artistic demarches with the inhabitants of working-class neighbourhoods in Europe.

The programme of these three days of reflection and debate will take place in three different stages:

- Three Plenary Sessions :
* Interventions from local councillors: political issues at local, national and European level
* Memories of the network (testimonies from European "personalities" of the network)
* The economic crisis and cultural prospects (a global vision in different European countries)

- Five Simultaneous Themed Workshops on Current Priorities :
* Cultural Action and Urban Renewal /
* Youth, Insertion and Culture /
* Cultural Diversity /
* Economic Alternatives and Sustainable Development /
* Images, New Medias

- Five Simultaneous Themed Workshops on Artistic Disciplines :
* Theatrical Creations with inhabitants
* European Laboratory of Hip Hop Dance
* Circus Practices
* Parades and Festivals in the public space
* Writing Workshops and New Languages

- A Platform of Exchange brought about by an associative village of European structures: a Call for Participation is made below.

- A Cultural Café, a convivial space for keeping contact and exchange.

- An Artistic Evening Show , presented and the Perrache-Marché Gare Youth Centre, Present Day Music Room

- A Festival of Documentary Films

- A Convivial and Artistic Interlude, open to the public

For further information, contact Banlieues d'Europe: tel. +33 4 72 60 97 80,



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