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This group facilitates young cultural policy researchers to meet online, to get to know each other, to collaborate on joined initiatives, and to stay informed. Here we share information and news from the field, we discuss and network, we read and post key publications on cultural policy in Europe and much more.

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Discussions and News

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Višnja Kisic wins 10th Cultural Policy Research Award
Višnja Kisic, 27 years old from Serbia, studying at the Centre for Museology …
Tsveta Andreeva | 18 nov 2013
Can evidence-based cultural policies contribute to economic and social development?
The conclusion of the Senior Officials on Culture Meeting organised by the Ministry …
Gunilla Redelius | 07 Sep 2012


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Master Programme in Cultural Policy and Management
Study Level: Master Study Mode: Full Time Duration: One academic year (2 semesters) …
Lidia Varbanova | 27 jun 2013
CREATIVE MEDIA DAYS (6-15 November 2012)
The Creative Media Days investigate the role of ICT innovation in media, focusing on …
Tsveta Andreeva | 02 nov 2012

Calls for papers, Fellowships, Opportunities

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Call for applications Research Placement: Culture and Foreign Policy
Call for applications for a research scholarship provided by ifa-Research Programme “Culture and Foreign Policy”. Deadline for submissions 9 September. Apply now and win a six months research placement at the Goethe Institut Brussels between October … Project | 20 aug 2013
CALL for Applications: Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum
The 7th YCPR Forum will be held in Brussels on 4-5 November 2013. It is a unique opportunity for young/early career cultural policy researchers to meet fellow researchers, share …
Gunilla Redelius | 22 apr 2013

Cultural Policy Research Award (CPRA)

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REMINDER: Apply for Cultural Policy Research Award 2013 until 31 May 2013!
The call for applications for the 2013 Cultural Policy Research Award is still going! A unique opportunity for young researchers seeking to make a break into the cultural policy …
Tsveta Andreeva | 19 apr 2013
Christiaan de Beukelaer wins 2012 Cultural Policy Research Award
Christiaan de Beukelaar, 26 years old from Belgium, studying at University of Leeds (UK), is the winner of the 9th Cultural Policy Research Award 2012 (CPRA). He received the …
Gunilla Redelius | 14 sep 2012

Online Tools Facilitating Research

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Research proposal writing: online resources
Many students and emerging researchers face difficulties in writing high quality competitive research proposals. This is an important piece of work, as it intends to convince …
Lidia Varbanova | 02 may 2011
SFU Resource collection
The Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities' collection of online resources is divided into five broad categories: Cultural Infrastructure + Creative Spaces, Cultural Labour, Cultural Policy, Cultural Indicators, and Cultural … Lidia Varbanova | 16 dec 2011

Organisations and Networks

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culturia | artist in residence | berlin
Next deadline: 26 FebruaryResidency period: 1st May – 31st July
Organisation | 14 feb 2012


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Cultural policy frameworks (re)constructing national and supranational identities: The Balkans and the European Union by Aleksandar Brkić
Cultural policy frameworks (re)constructing national and supranational identities: The Balkans and the European Union by Aleksandar Brkić was the project that won the 8th Cultural …
Publication | 18 nov 2013
European Capitals of Culture and Everyday Cultural Diversity: A Comparison of Liverpool (UK) and Marseilles (France)
Claire Bullen's research "European Capitals of Culture and Everyday Cultural Diversity: A Comparison of Liverpool (UK) and Marseilles (France)" is a result of a profound ethnographic research, carried out among diverse communities in the … Publication | 19 apr 2013

Research Methodologies and Toolkits

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Pacific Cultural Mapping, Planning and Policy Toolkit
The toolkit builds on the Cultural Mapping, Planning and Policy Workshop conducted for members of the Council for Pacific Arts and Culture in March 2010 at the SPC headquarters in Nouméa, New Caledonia. This document is thus a resource for … Lidia Varbanova | 04 apr 2011
Successful Communication Online Toolkit
A communication process has several steps, and at each new step a series of new questions are raised. As one example of the steps that may be involved, the Economic and Social …
Lidia Varbanova | 04 apr 2011

Voices and Viewpoints

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Encouraging Digital Access to Culture: An Interview with Jonathan Drori
More often than ever cultural organisations look for new ways of using new technologies to create and share digital content and to communicate, respond and engage with wider …
Lidia Varbanova | 26 apr 2010
The changing dynamics between artistic creativity, economy and cultural policy: Lyudmila Petrova’s professional projects and passion
Lyudmila Petrova is a co-founder and organiser of the CREARE Summer School of cultural Economics .  She holds a MA in cultural economics and cultural entrepreneurship and is …
Lidia Varbanova | 13 jan 2012

Young Researchers Forums & Programs

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First Euro-Mediterranean Forum for Young Researchers
This Forum will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 13 to 15 April 2011. The forum will provide an open platform for exchanges and debates among postgraduate and doctoral students as well as young professionals engaged in research activities … Lidia Varbanova | 11 dec 2010
U40 Capacity Building Program "Cultural Diversity 2030"
A capacity building programme for young experts and researchers on the issues of implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and the Promotion of the Diversity of …
Organisation | 14 oct 2010

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