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Molodist International Film Festival
The oldest and most renowned international film festival in Ukraine. Takes place in Kyiv in the last week of October. Presents professional film debuts and … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Public Organisation "Forum of Publishers"
A Lviv-based organisation that represents Ukrainian publishers. Aims to lobby for changes in existing laws and the approval of new laws that would foster … Organisation | 06 jun 2006
RA Gallery
Provides exhibition opportunities for Ukrainian and international contemporary artists. Supports youth initiatives. Of interest to artists, curators, scholars, … Organisation | 10 nov 2005
The Centre for Youth Initiatives "Totem"
A multifunctional art centre located in Kherson (Southern Ukraine). Initiates and runs projects that involve youth in arts and community development. Maintains … Organisation | 10 sep 2007
The Centre of Jewish Education in Ukraine
A parent organisation of 'KlezFest' - the festival and seminar on traditional Eastern European Jewish music. Organises education events, promotes cultural … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
The Guitarists Association of The National Ukrainian Music Union
A Kyiv-based organisation that supports cooperation and exchanges between the world's guitar schools. Runs the international festival, The Academy of Guitar … Organisation | 08 may 2008
The Ukrainian Centre of Documentary Film
A Kyiv-based organisation that encourages and promotes documentary filmmaking. Runs education events and training on documentary co-production. Represents … Organisation | 06 jun 2006
Theatre Studio "Arabesques"
A Kharkiv-based organisation that promotes innovation and experiment in theatre. Runs theatre productions, poetry festivals and music events. Encourages youth … Organisation | 06 jun 2006
Theatre-School of Contemporary Dance "The Other Dances"
A Dniepropetrovsk-based organisation that supports the development and popularisation of contemporary dance in Ukraine. Runs children's and youth dance school. … Organisation | 06 jun 2006
Ukraine 3000
A charitable foundation in Ukraine, created in 2001 to develop the traditions of …
Organisation | 01 apr 2012