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Centre for the Development of Arts Education
A Kyiv-based organisation associated with the I. Karpenko-Kary National University of Theatre, Film and Television. Promotes innovations and supports reforms … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Contemporary Dance Centre "Other Dances"
A professional educational institution in Ukraine, focusing on teaching children and teenagers contemporary dance and improvisation. Organisation | 02 feb 2010
Fund for the Support of the Development of the National Art Museum of Ukraine
A Kyiv-based organisation that supports initiatives in museums and in cultural heritage. Of interest to museum professionals, managers, scholars, and art … Organisation | 06 jun 2006
Fund for the Support of the Mikhail Bulgakov Literary-Memorial Museum
A Kyiv-based organisation that promotes new approaches to developing and managing museum collections. Organises international conferences on Mikhail Bulgakov's … Organisation | 06 jun 2006
Gallery "Atelier Karas"
A parent organisation for the Association of Contemporary Artists of Ukraine. Maintains the Art Portal - an interdisciplinary information resource and … Organisation | 10 sep 2007
Information-Analytical Centre "Democracy through Culture"
A Kiev-based organisation that supports the development of cultural policy in Ukraine. Provides analytical information on various aspects of cultural policy … Organisation | 06 jun 2006
Institution of Unstable Thoughts
A Kyiv-based organisation that runs a variety of contemporary art projects. Maintains electronic database of Ukrainian contemporary art. Of interest to … Organisation | 08 may 2008
Kharkiv Municipal Gallery
A Kharkiv-based city gallery. Provides exhibition opportunities for Ukrainian and international contemporary artists. Supports young artists' initiatives. Of … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
A parent organisation for the national film portal - Publishes the quarterly magazine KINO KOLO that contains the most comprehensive … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Laboratory of Musical Ethnology of the M.Lysenko, Lviv State Academy of Music
A Lviv-based centre for research and popularisation of the ethnic music of Slavic and neighboring non-Slavic nations. Provides information and research … Organisation | 06 jun 2006