Arena Vestfossen
A cultural centre in Norway focusing primarily on contemporary art. The centre consist of nine galleries, five studios and a black-box theatre. It provides an … Organisation | 01 feb 2008
Atelier Nord
A project base for "unstable art forms", including electronic and new media art. Aims to create better conditions for these art forms, as well as … Organisation | 01 feb 2008
Danse- og teatersentrum
A state-funded, non-profit organisation supporting the professional non-institutionalised performing arts sector in Norway. Provides information, seminars and … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet, Oslo, Norge
A museum that regards children’s art as a living part of folk art and also as an important element in our national and universal culture. In the museum, the … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Du store verden!
Promotes and enhances intercultural artistic and cultural cooperation on a national and international level. Activities include: artistic projects, information … Organisation | 01 feb 2008
Grenland Friteater
A theatre, rehearsal space, café and offices in the city of Porsgrunn in Grenland, Norway. The purpose is not only to create innovative, entertaining and … Organisation | 08 may 2008
Hordaland Internasjonale Fylkesgalleri
A publicly funded gallery situated in the heart of Bergen in Norway that presents art beyond the Euro-centric western context, encouraging cultural diversity … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Horisont Foundation
A self-governing foundation aiming to achieve greater participation by ethnic minorities in Norwegian cultural life – both as performers, producers, … Organisation | 01 feb 2008
Internasjonalt Kultursenter og Museum
A multicultural centre in Oslo that promotes respect and understanding for cultural diversity. Collects, documents and communicates knowledge focusing on … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
Kosmorama - Trondheim International Film Festival
An international festival with four focal points: film, festivities, talent and technology. Kosmorama's quartet of film curators has provided the festival with … Organisation | 12 jul 2007
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