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A programme focused on youth culture, mainly through participatory and educational projects. It supports the creation of new forms of cultural activities through platforms, partnerships and networking. The programme is based in two segments: Daily Club Molekula (a non-profit making cultural club) and Nukleus (youth educational programme).

Significant features

There are currently four active organisations in Molekula: Filmaktiv (film and video workshops); Amandla (panels, debates, lectures, talks on current issues); Infoshop Skatula (offers magazines, fanzines, books from the field of activism and social changes); and Drugo more (educational programme Nukleus, film projections, promotion of artists, lectures and talks on different fileds of cultural activity).
An important part of the Daily club is Linux, an operational system installed on all computers for the purpose of supporting the use of free software.

Main players The Other Sea
Infoshop Skatula Filmaktiv

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Type of project: Networking
Country: Mediterranean region
Location: Croatia
Arts & cultural categories Audiovisual & Media new media & digital arts Literature & Publishing e-literature

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intercultural, interdisciplinary