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Social Enterprise and The Honesty Pot - free Bristol event!
This free Bristol Festival of Ideas event explores the achievements and potential of …
Nick Thomas | 16 sep 2014
JETZT: die Herausgabe eines kleinen handlichen Taschenbuches unterstützen! …
Project | 16 sep 2014
Crowdfunding - Fund a learning centre in congo
Financing is needed today to help us achieve our goals, promote Freasyway and extend our network of partners committed to a better Education worldwide. The … Project | 16 sep 2014
FreazyConfig by Freasyway
Freasyway - The final interface will enable users to configure their own environment, which will facilitate the idea sharing or common projects … Publication | 15 sep 2014
Performance "Mr. Midwest" // 19.09.2014 // BEVERLY FRESH // Pavillon am Milchhof
Live Performance: Freitag, 19.09.2014 um 19 Uhr   "Im Rahmen seiner Ausstellung …
Pavillon am Milchhof | 15 sep 2014
Highlights and lessons learned after the first evaluations of the Horizon 2020 proposals
Having submitted a number of proposals in response to the first calls of Horizon 2020, we …
Rita Balazs | 15 sep 2014
EU R&I Proposal Development 2014-2020
27-28 November 2014 in Budapest, Hungary Join Europa Media’s EU R&I Proposal …
Rita Balazs | 15 sep 2014
EU Research & Innovation Project Management and Financial Reporting
9-10 October 2014 in Brussels, Belgium   This 2-day training course will introduce …
Rita Balazs | 15 sep 2014

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