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Find out about the key artistic and cultural organisations, networks, associations and programmes, both public and private, “official” and “independent” that work across borders in Europe.

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We are more
We are more is a Europe-wide campaign for arts and culture, run by Culture Action Europe …
Gunilla Redelius | 31 jan 2012
Culture Action Europe
Europe's leading cultural advocacy network, promoting arts and culture as a building …
Organisation | 30 jan 2012

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Membership-based groups of individuals and organisations.
Artistic platforms
Diverse artistic and cultural gatherings of organisations, communities or individuals.
Research organisations
Research centres, think tanks and observatories that study, analyse, monitor and disseminate data and trends in the cultural sector.
EU programmes and institutions
Find programmes, legislative frameworks and funding news through official EU portals, databases and documents.
Intergovernmental & transnational organisations
Intergovernmental and transnational organisations that provide information, promotion and support for European cultural cooperation.
National bodies
Governmental institutions, national agencies, resources, portals and other national organisations active in each European country.