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The Danish Arts Council invites applications for an International Contemporary Art Festival in 2012

The Danish Arts Council
would like to establish a recurring contemporary art festival with an international dimension and the involvement of international organizations. The festival is to be anchored in Copenhagen – if possible, with satellites in other parts of the country.
It will focus on visual art forms covering topics that range from the political to the existential.

Danish institutions (art museums, exhibition spaces, galleries, etc.) may apply for support to organize an international contemporary art festival – ideally, in collaboration with other institutions and/or foreign partners.

The Danish Arts Council envisions that the festival will be realized as a collaboration between a number of different partners who, together, can ensure that the festival will attract widespread attention for contemporary art throughout the festival year.

On the fact that the festival is intended to open up diverse forms of artistic expression and cross-institutional collaboration, the Danish Arts Council will prioritize projects that strengthen a continuing and developing dialogue between Danish art and art abroad (among other priorities )

The evaluation committee will assess the applications and make a prequalification appointment of a maximum of 3 projects, each of which will receive DKK 30,000 to develop their projects further. The same evaluation committee will assess the 2nd-round applications and take a final position for the Danish Arts Council, which will determine the final winner, which will be awarded with a grant up to DKK 6.7 million to the winning project.

Application deadline : 1 May 2010

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