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Funding Opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean Region - part 3
The third section of this very comprehensive source of information on funding opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean region gives details of the financial … Publication | 31 okt 2006
The Heart of the Matter
A publication that emerged from a reflection process initiated by the European Cultural Foundation. Ten leading personalities from the region (artists, … Publication | 02 nov 2006
Tomas Bokstad
Person Profile | 30 mär 2007
An online magazine promoting dialogue between the Islamic world and the West. Includes articles, culture dossiers, book reviews and a dialogue section, where … Organisation | 03 apr 2007
European Music Office
An association of professional organisations that promotes the interests of the European music sector. It supports cultural exchanges, cooperation projects and … Organisation | 18 apr 2007
A professional union of European piano producers that safeguards member interests and raises craft standards and education within Europe. Members receive the … Organisation | 19 apr 2007
Фондация Култ.бг
An independent cultural organisation, working in three main fields: research, advocacy and support. It carries out an ongoing mapping of the Bulgarian cultural … Organisation | 03 mai 2007
European Union Youth Orchestra
Brings together young musicians from the EU member countries in one ensemble with the aim of fostering intercultural understanding within Europe. Organisation | 04 mai 2007
One of Germany's largest foundations, spending around €20 million annually, the Hertie Foundation sponsors European integration projects that seek to overcome … Organisation | 20 mai 2007