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A Step Change in Cross-border Engagement? The Potential of an European Observatory for Cultural Co-operation
The intention of this paper was to contribute to the reflection and debate on cultural co-operation in Europe in general and to the potential creation of a … Publication | 28 sep 2006
Developing New Instruments to Meet Cultural Policy Challenges
This seminar report presents the main lines of discussion among senior civil servants working for culture ministries in Europe and Asia, researchers and … Publication | 28 sep 2006
Cultural Cooperation within the Wider Europe and Across the Mediterranean: Issues at Stake and Proposals for Action
This report analyses the outcomes of the European Cultural Foundation's seminar series within its "Enlargement of Minds" programme. It addresses the … Publication | 29 sep 2006
Udzia programów wspólnotowych UE i funduszy strukturalnych w finansowaniu kultury w krajach Unii Europejskiej
The report presents information on the level of financing of culture through the EU structural funds. The report’s analysis is accompanied by examples from … Publication | 29 sep 2006
Romania in Europa Culturii 2000
This publication presents an analysis of the participation of Romanian cultural operators in the EU Culture 2000 Programme and provides 4 project based case … Publication | 02 okt 2006
European Funding of Culture - Promoting Common Culture or Regional Growth?
The article published in Cultural Trends, Issue No. 36, examines the record of EU support for culture, pointing to the dichotomy between Structural Funds and … Publication | 02 okt 2006
Perspektywy rozwoju sektora kultury w Polsce
The book was prepared by a team of researchers from leading Polish universities. It concentrates mainly on the Polish culture sector and its development … Publication | 02 okt 2006
International Co-production & Touring
This study presents different models, forms and information on co-production and touring in the performing arts. Comments and interviews with producers add … Publication | 09 okt 2006
Funding Opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean Region - part 3
The third section of this very comprehensive source of information on funding opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean region gives details of the financial … Publication | 31 okt 2006
The Heart of the Matter
A publication that emerged from a reflection process initiated by the European Cultural Foundation. Ten leading personalities from the region (artists, … Publication | 02 nov 2006