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The Unity of Diversities: Cultural Cooperation in the European Union
Otherwise known as the “Ruffolo Report”, this European Parliament report provided the basis for its Resolution on Cultural Co-operation in the European Union … Publication | 20 sep 2006
Ein Kulturinstitut für Europa. Untersuchungen zur Institutionalisierung kultureller Zusammenarbeit
How can Europe better coordinate its foreign cultural policy? This is one of the main questions addressed in this article. The author argues that while … Publication | 21 sep 2006
Informing Cultural Policy: The Research and Information Infrastructure
This report describes the landscape for cultural research and networking in Europe and Canada. Cultural cooperation is discussed from two points of view: the … Publication | 21 sep 2006
Hrvatska u 21.stoljeæu – Kultura
This strategic document sets out the goals for cultural development in the Republic of Croatia in the twenty-first century including specific recommendations … Publication | 26 sep 2006
Creative Europe. On the Governance and Management of Artistic Creativity in Europe
Creative Europe presents the main results of a three year empirical and conceptual investigation into the challenges and practical problems of creative artists … Publication | 27 sep 2006
Third Sector Actors Monitoring Cultural Co-operation and Cultural Policy Development in Europe
This ERICarts briefing note presents and discusses examples of third sector actors monitoring cultural co-operation and cultural policy developments in Europe. … Publication | 27 sep 2006
Study Relating to the Various Regimes of Employment and Social Protection of Cultural Workers in the European Union
This study examines the employment status of cultural workers in Europe and presents information on contracts, working conditions, social protection, … Publication | 27 sep 2006
La culture au coeur - Contribution au débat sur la culture et le développement en Europe
"In From the Margins" is the European contribution to the UNESCO World Commission on Culture and Development and its report "Our Creative … Publication | 27 sep 2006
Designing the Future Programme of Cultural Co-operation for the European Union after 2006
The European Commission consultation was launched in 2003 with the goal of helping to improve the Union's support mechanisms for cultural cooperation with … Publication | 27 sep 2006