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European Cultural Parliament
A forum for European personalities in the fields of arts and culture. The 'parliament' stimulates debate on burning issues of European cooperation, democracy … Organisation | 05 sep 2006
Cultural Co-operation on the European Level in Professional Music Training
This study reports on the state of cultural co-operation in Europe in the field of professional music training based on the results of a survey conducted with … Publication | 07 sep 2006
Contribution à la Convention européenne: "La place de la culture dans le futur traité"
Contribution of Pascale Andréani to the Secretary General of the European Constitution arguing for culture and cultural cooperation to be at the heart of the … Publication | 08 sep 2006
Bigger… Better… Beautiful? Final Report of the Conference on the Impact of EU Enlargement on Cultural Opportunities Across Europe
This report from the "Big, Better, Beautiful" Conference contains presentations which further develop the links between the theoretical and practical … Publication | 09 sep 2006
Transnational Cultural Co-operation in the Accession Countries
The purpose of this study was to describe and analyse current government cultural cooperation policies and trends in the 13 accession countries to the European … Publication | 11 sep 2006
Auswärtige Kulturpolitik im europäischen Vergleich
This document presents a literature list on foreign cutural policy in European comparison. It is divided in 8 sections with the following topics: 1. Aims of … Publication | 11 sep 2006
Las relaciones culturales internacionales: el marco institucional en España
The document provides a description of the current framework of international cultural cooperation in Spain, focusing particularly on public bodies on the … Publication | 12 sep 2006
Thinking Forward. Cultural Programmes as Part of the Dutch Presidency of the European Union, 1 July - 31 December 2004
This publication records a series of culture activities organised during the 2004 Dutch EU Presidency carried out by the Fund for Amateur Art and Performing … Publication | 12 sep 2006
Why We Need European Cultural Policies
The author consulted some institutionally affiliated cultural experts for this examination of the impact of EU enlargement on cultural policy in the new member … Publication | 15 sep 2006
The Impact of International Mobility on Arts Education from Art Students Perspective
This report presents the results of a working session on the "impact of international mobility on arts education from a student's perspective" held … Publication | 20 sep 2006