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Centre for Humanities
A project-based organisation associated with the Ivan Franko Lviv National University. Participated in the development and launch of Master's programme in … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
A parent organisation for the national film portal - Publishes the quarterly magazine KINO KOLO that contains the most comprehensive … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Bielaruski PEN Centar
Belarusian PEN is a member of The World Association of Writers and International PEN Club. Its main programmes are devoted to supporting Belarusian literature … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Forum for Kultur og Erhverv
NyX aims to develop a marketplace for partnership agreements, sponsorship and employee exchange. Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Hors les Murs
A resources centre for circus and street arts which, in cooperation with other European partners, provides a database on relevant professional issues. It … Organisation | 27 jun 2006
A European network dedicated to the creation and promotion of contemporary music, supporting composers and the circulation of their work throughout Europe. It … Organisation | 10 jul 2006
Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık
Founded to enrich the cultural and artistic life of the country by presenting contemporary high-quality artistic events from Turkey and elsewhere. Its … Organisation | 31 jul 2006
Platform Garanti Güncel Sanat Merkezi
A central meeting-point in the city for cultural exchange between contemporary artists, curators and critics. It hosts an artists' archive, research and … Organisation | 02 aug 2006