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Unlocking the potential of culture and creative organisations and workers!

Blog: Cristina Farinha
Verfasser: Cristina Farinha - Datum: 28 Jul 2010, 17:48

The European Commission launched an online public consultation aimed at unlocking the full potential of Europe's cultural and creative industries (CCI). The consultation is linked to a new Green Paper which highlights the need to improve access to finance, especially for small businesses, as key to enabling the sector to flourish and to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth.

The consultation is open to individual citizens and organisations and in particular national, regional or local authorities, the European institutions and associations from the CCI.

The public consultation runs until 30 July 2010 and questions, among others:

How can we facilitate access to funding for small and micro enterprises whose only asset is their creativity?

How can the EU help to secure the right mix of creative and managerial skills in these sectors?

How can we foster more innovation and experimentation, including wider use of information and communication technologies?

What new instruments should be mobilised to promote cultural diversity through the mobility of cultural and creative works, artists and cultural practitioners within the EU and beyond? To which extent could virtual mobility and online access contribute to these objectives?

Which tools should be foreseen or reinforced at EU level to promote cooperation, exchanges and trade between the EU CCIs and third countries?

The concept of CCI used is wide and includes performing and visual arts, cultural heritage, film, television and radio, music, publishing, video games, new media, architecture, design, fashion design and advertising.

In a moment of overall economic crisis, the CCI seem to come as an emergency exit for the EU that strives to re-position itself in the global markets. The EU advances that this sector provides quality (???) jobs for 5 million people in the EU and it contributes 2.6% to European Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – which is more than many manufacturing industries achieve. The cultural and creative industries are also said to be growing faster than most parts of the economy.

Even though the Digital Agenda for Europe hardly considers the role of culture, throughout this year several EU initiatives try to unlock this golden promise:

Culture shows up in the current Belgian EU Presidency programme mainly devoted to highlight the potential of cultural and creative industries and the contribution they make to GDP, growth and employment in Europe. In this respect they announced one event dedicated to discuss "Creativity, Culture and Innovation - Looking for new links" to take place in Brussels on the 8-9 September.

At the moment there are two studies underway that strive to define: what should be the contribution of culture to local and regional economic development as part of European regional policy; and the entrepreneurial dimension of cultural and creative industries.

Yet arts and culture organisations in the non-profit sector often face many obstacles to fulfilling its full potential. Firstly, they have competence needs similar to any SME´s but these strategic and managerial skills have to recognise and adapt to the particular and fragile nature of cultural and artistic processes and products. Most of these organisations also deal with a very unstable frame in terms of human and financial resources making it hard to have a sustainable pro-active strategy. Secondly, contrary to what the EC states officially in this document, most cultural and creative professionals have quite fragile working conditions and social status, not truly quality jobs, as they are not protected by employment contracts and social security frameworks.

Only if this lack of capacity building and social imbalances are adequately addressed within the EU cultural policy, may the potential of these professionals and organisations be stimulated allowing freer choices, diversity of artistic expressions and cultural offers.

You are still on time to have a say in this public consultation!

Deadline is 30th July!

Find all details and access to the consultation online tool:

GREEN PAPER - Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries




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Thanks for posting interesting and I don't think its only a problem endemic to micro-organizations and sme patrick denis | 29 jul 2010