Melting Men

(Started in Dez 2009)

Verfasser: Gunilla Redelius - Datum: 24 feb 2011, 07:01
photo Nelé Azevedo
photo Nelé Azevedo

An art installation by Brazilian artist Néle Azevedo, it consists of 1,000 miniature people carved out of ice and placed in a public space. They melt before the eyes of the public in a process lasting 30 to 40 minutes. All that remains afterwards is the photographic image and the collective memory shared by the people present.

The installations were originally conceived as part of the Minimum Monument project, which is an urban intervention dealing with the body and the city, offering a critical view of monuments in contemporary cities.

Melting Men has been shown in various cities internationally and has been adopted by environmentalists around the world. It served as an illustration to the campaign launch of the environmental charity WWF Germany in Berlin in 2009, to raise awareness about Arctic warming.


Art des Projektes:
Kulturproduktion, Ausstellung

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