Herr Paschulke Tour

Johannes Siegmund | 01 Jun 2010, 10:08

European Capital of Culture
Essen/Ruhrgebiet is the European Capital of Culture in 2010. And Herr
Paschulke is part of it. But Essen is not alone. That’s why Herr Paschulke
hits the road: via Pecs in Hungary towards Istanbul in Turkey.
Culture brings people together. Culture can be the bridge of the European
Idea. But... someone has to do it! Who?
The German band Herr Paschulke from the Ruhrgebiet. They make
European music and live their spirit of internationality with a mix of music
in five languages.
Now, they become part of the European Capitals of Culture. Herr
Paschulke goes touring across the European border: 9 Students in a big
bus, an extra car battery for the amplifier and a pack of enthusiasm.
Herr Paschulke wants to bring their music to the people. The parks and
squares, the stages and clubs shall vibrate in an European beat. On the
way they play their diverse and colourful music combining saxophone,
trumpet, trombone, voice, guitar, bass, drum and percussions.
Herr Paschulke is an inoffical ambassador of the Capital of Culture. A
German radio station plans a diary about the tour: “Plugged on car
battery – a Roadmovie on the axes of Capitals of Culture”
You can be a part of that European idea.
We are very looking forward to play with you. If you have the possibility
to organize a concert with us, the best would be, if a local band plays with
us, so that we can really come up with this idea of bringing people
together! Music crosses any border, music promotes universal
understanding – music is life!
Listen to our tunes – the vibe should tell you, what kind of style we play.
You can find a link to myspace and homepage below –
We don’t care, if you can’t pay us money – the best currency is dancing
people. If you can help us with a place to sleep would be wonderful!
So – there’s a shortcut to freedom: DANCE!
See you there!



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