Research Methods: Selection of Tools and Manuals

Below is a selection of resources which might help you in your research work, providing guidelines and practical suggestions on how to analyze qualitative and quantitative data, how to deal with social research, what are the participatory research techniques, how to organize and use focus groups as part of your methodology, and much more. Most of these resources are in accessible downloadable format.

  • Evaluation publications, University of Wisconsin Extension Department has produced a series of evaluation research booklets that clearly describe different aspects of conducting qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Guide to focus groups. Ontario Women's Health Network (OWHN). (2009). This guide is intended to help you develop and analyze focus groups in your community
  • Inclusion research handbook. Ontario Women's Health Network (OWHN). (2009). This handbook details the history, roots and development of Inclusion Research and provides a how-to-guide on conducting this type of research.
  • Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division, Worcester Polytechnic Institute student handbook. Written for one of this college's programs, this handbook provides a good overview of the steps involved in developing and implementing a research project. There are brief descriptions on how to write a proposal, conduct a literature review, use a range of field methods and how to write up research results.
  • Research methods, by Linda Mayoux, explores quantitative, qualitative and participatory research methods.
  • Robert Chambers' blog, posts his current thinking on participatory approaches to development and participatory research methods.
  • ThesisTools, a website which enables students to create their own online quantitative surveys/questionnaires. The service is free, but the website providers encourage students to share their research findings on the site.




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