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10th International Conference “Exploring Culture: Consumption, Organization and Communication: May 17-18, 2012, Vilnius, Luthiania

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Verfasser: Lidia Varbanova - Datum: 07 Dez 2011, 21:35

The purpose of the conference is to communicate research results and future research ideas, discuss about culture as an interdisciplinary object from the perspectives of philosophy, communication, technology, management, economics, education etc. The organizer invites researchers and practitioners, representatives of cultural and creative communities, art and business organisations as well as those who are interested in cultural issues and are keen to participate in an open scientific discussion. For the 10th annual conference, in addition to the theme of the conference as set above, papers are invited to address the following topics: Theoretical Approaches to Contemporary Cultural Philosophy, Culture and Consumption, Culture and Education, Socio-Cultural Processes and Media, Globalization, Culture and Technologies, Cultural Communication, Culture and Gender, Cultural Organizations, Culture Management.

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