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Creative Europe. On the Governance and Management of Artistic Creativity in Europe

Creative Europe presents the main results of a three year empirical and conceptual investigation into the challenges and practical problems of creative artists and other cultural actors from all corners of the continent. The study identifies a range of public and private actors engaged in the governance and management of artistic creativity in Europe and discusses their involvement in and support of transnational cultural or artistic projects and programmes. As many of the "new actors" may not yet be fully recognised, it calls for European, national and regional authorities to initiate efforts that would help them to better understand the broadened system of governance and especially the needs of mobile artists and artistic entreprises. The authors observed that traditional national or bilateral exchange programmes and the system of cultural institutes are not necesarrily prepared to foster truly integrative partnerships and projects with actors that work in different cultural, political and economic contexts. Some tax, social and labour laws still discourage transborder cooperation by not giving equal treatment to foreign artists and their productions. In the context of EU enlargement, a further harmonisation of such measures should receive high priority.

Verfasser: Danielle Cliche Ritva Mitchell Andreas Wiesand Ilkka Heiskanen Fitzcarraldo Foundation
Herausgeber: ARCult Media, Bonn
Erscheinungsjahr: 2001
ISBN/ISSN: 3930395592


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